day fifteen

Today was a BIG day for B-money. Started with a consultation with a vet internist who specializes in integrative care, including acupuncture and Chinese herbs (current prescription: Wei Qi Booster and Stasis Breaker). She coordinates with the oncologist to help us best support Bristow’s immune system while she undergoes treatment. We learned a lot, and then Bristow was treated to a pre-chemo acupuncture session. She was fine with needle placement until they got close to her backend. I think she was like, Last time you messed around down there, I lost a vital component, so the hindquarters are off-limits.

After the needles were in, she rested in the room with us to allow them to work their magic, and obviously they triggered some kind of release because she passed the worst room-clearing gas we have ever experienced. Like rotten garbage. She’d been storing that up for awhile, so I am sure she felt much better afterward. Who says acupuncture doesn’t work. 

As for chemo, she took it like a champ, although they reported she was a bit restless so they want to give her a sedative next time. (Again, if the last time I was at a given place they’d cut off my leg, I’d be a little nervous, too.) She received Carboplatin, and she’ll receive it again every 3 weeks for a total of 6 treatments. Most dogs don’t have any side-effects with chemo, but 25% do experience some GI distress. Meds being prescribed in case she has issues. My guess is she will, as she tends to have a sensitive stomach. Praying, of course, she doesn’t though.

She was exhausted when we got home and slept/rested most of the remainder of the day. Quite the adventure for the newly minted tripawd. And for her parents.


Continued prayers appreciated. xo


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