day nineteen

Today it’s all about sunbathing on the deck, but, whew! Friday and Saturday were tough.

IMG_4571 IMG_4570

She was in the 25% of dogs who experience nausea and other GI issues. I am hoping that means she’ll also be in the 20% who live past one year–and even for 2 years–past diagnosis! Friday, she only ate a little, so we started the anti-nausea meds. Saturday, she stopped eating all together, so Michael boiled some chicken (while I left the house so I didn’t wretch from the anti-vegan aromatherapy). She eventually ate a little of that, being that it was such a high-value food, but she still had no interest in taking a walk or going outside or playing with any toys.

The lack of appetite and marked lethargy was triggering for Michael and me since this was reminiscent of Bob Dylan’s last few days. (We had to let him go a year ago April; it was suspected he had lymphoma, and he only lasted a week after being given the prognosis of 1-2 months.)

Later that day, she had a softer stool, so we also started the anti-diarrhea meds, too. After taking that one, per pharmacist’s orders, we denied her her usual nightcap.


Late in the afternoon, Bristow’s friend Brylie (4-year-old cutie with a love for animals and Jesus) and her dad came to pray for Bristow. I was gone, but even Michael’s relation of the story to me choked me up.

And, thankfully, by bedtime, Bristow began to turn around. Some combo of meds and prayer and the unadulterated love of an adorable, pony-tailed, soft-hearted, dog-loving little lady. (Thanks, Brylie!)

By Sunday, B was back to a hearty appetite and her spotlight-grabbing ways, showing off her toys and surgical skills (read: stuffed toy squeaker removal) for a couple visitors–one of whom has agreed to stay with her while we travel in a week, which is a HUGE answer to prayer! This dog-mama was struggling to leave her behind while we traveled out of state (to 2 different states) for consecutive family events. Her white count will be at it lowest while we are gone, and, therefore, we cannot board her (nor would I want to do so). And our typically low-maintenance girl needs a little more attention and TLC right now, so our options were very limited. Thankful to God (and Matthis) for providing!


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