About me


Dog-Mama to Bristow & Jed Bartlet (and formerly Bob Dylan, RIP), Wife of Michael, Daughter of Don & Jan, Sister(-in-law) to 6, Aunt to 9 (plus many more non-biologically), Friend (hopefully a good one) to some of the loveliest people on the planet. I love to create music and stories and scripts and visual art. I spend most of my time outside (Yea for California weather!) and can usually be found in my adorable (read: tiny) backyard with my dogs, writing in a deck chair or reading in the hammock or propagating succulents in my many planters. I follow a vegan diet but am known to cheat with veggie Whole Foods pizza (God bless Kareem, my favorite pizza artist!) from time to time. Aside from the occasional jar of kombucha and my morning chai tea, I generally consume only 2 other beverages–water and wine–and I’d love to learn Jesus’ trick of turning the former into the latter. Speaking of whom, I (imperfectly) strive to follow Jesus and live an authentic life. I consider myself a modern-day abolitionist and am passionate about issues of social justice; I desire for all people to be given a voice and treated with dignity. And, I hope to one day try my hand at stand-up comedy. Have you heard the one about the vegan who used to live in Kansas? 😉

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