day eight


Seriously, I love this face.


We celebrate great news today: Her groin lymph node came back clear, meaning the osteosarcoma (which is a fast-spreading cancer) had not detectably metastasized. Praise God!! Still possible that microscopic mets had already been sent out and have lodged elsewhere in her body, but our prayer continues to be that the cancer was completely removed with the leg. And that any trace cancer cells will be fully eradicated with chemo. Her prognosis remains 10-12 months with chemo, with 20% of dogs living past one year; without chemo, she’d only have a couple months. Chemo starts in a week.

I have taken to calling her “B-Money” recently. It just came out one day, without premeditation. It is actually fitting, though we do not at all resent that fact. No trip to Mexico in January this year as we were tentatively planning, but we are perfectly fine with that. Wouldn’t want to leaver her anyway. This year will be about camping adventures and crossing items off “Bristow’s Bucket-list.” Mexico can wait. My husband makes a mean margarita.

She is doing exceptionally well on 3 legs. She is sneaky and has even found her way up on a chair or 2 (that were blocked), though we are trying our darnedest to prevent such tomfoolery. Her pain port is out, and her sutures will be removed in one week, the same day she starts chemo. Please keep praying for full healing. And for peace and rest for us all.


*Naps with Dad on the floor are pretty nice, especially since I can’t be on the couch. And I’m willing to share my bed. After all, he’s been spending a lot of extra moolah on me. But I’m worth it. 🙂


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