day two

She’s home! She did so well overnight, we got to pick up first thing this morning! She is already walking and navigating steps like she has been a tripawd (We learned that term from 3-legged-dog youtube research we conducted last night.) all her life. Love this girl!!

She did so well walking, right from the get-go. Here she is strutting her stuff on her first 3-legged walk with her pack.

When we first got home, Jed Bartlett (her little brother who is a chihuahua-toy fox terrier mix) welcomed her with a thorough inspection and sniff-down of the amputation site. And then he did like he usually does…


…and claimed the biggest bed for himself. No special treatment from the little brother, whether you’ve lost a leg or not. Little Dog takes big bed; Big Dog gets stuck with small bed. Guess Bristow takes up a little less space now, so it kind of works. 🙂

She did ok at home, but she was generally a little unsettled, disoriented, and, well…stoned. She was like that stoner friend in college who would walk into a room and then forget why he had moved from point A to point B.  The only way she’ll settle down & relax is if her mama stays right next to her. It’s nice to be loved. 


And I even loaned her one of my legs for extra support. And so her other 3 wouldn’t feel so lonely.


We are so elated that our little family is whole again…minus one leg. Thank you, Jesus…



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