day one

Absolutely wrecked. Bristow broke her leg on a walk last night, and, sadly, we found out it was due to bone cancer (most likely osteosarcoma). She is having her leg amputated later today, and then we’ll go from there. We appreciate all the prayers you are willing to offer on her behalf. She’s been with us for our whole marriage: Parts A and B and all the ups and downs that both have entailed. We adore her. She is our firstborn, and we are struggling. Big time. All who know her know she is one big happy ball of love and energy, so if you’d be so kind, send some of that same love and energy back her way today and in the days to follow.


Please pray, too, for the amazing vets and staff at Sage Center for Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Care. They have always been so kind to our pack.

PS She’s gonna rock 3 legs.


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