day sixty-one

Good news! Bristow’s counts were high enough that she could receive her chemo treatment today. And ever since she got home (strung out on sedative–first photo serves as evidence), Jed Bartlet has not wanted to be more than an inch away from her (if that). I think he believes he’s the cure for all that ails her. I’m not sure she’s convinced, but she’s been very tolerant….even letting him sleep on her tail for over an hour.

Praying IMG_4919 IMG_4923this round of chemo doesn’t kick her cute little, Jed-topped a$$ as badly as the past rounds. They cut back the dose a smidge, so we are praying she has less side-effects to make the cost (carboplatin reduction) worth the benefit (hopefully easier recovery).

And now on to NEW MUSIC MONDAY!!! I’m trying to convince Michael to let me release a song a day this week, but it may turn into a song a week. Either way, stay tuned here to hear some demos we’ve been doing. “Makes Me Wanna Sing (Alleluia Amen)” is up first. I started writing this one…HOLY COW, I just looked it up and it was a year ago last week, which is when we were finishing it and recording it! Cool timing! The backstory: I was babysitting an adorable munchkin, and she was sick. The only thing that would keep her from crying was my singing. Actually, at one point, I started playing my first album (Autumn) for her from my iPhone so I could take a break. I was hoarse by the time I left , and I was just making it up as I went along. Out of my musical rambling came the pre-chorus and chorus: And it makes me, it makes me want to sing….Sing alleluia, amen, alleluia, amen, alleluia, amen…again and again…. (Full lyrics below.)

One week ago today, we spent our Labor Day finishing this song up, adding verse lyrics and fine-tuning the arrangement. Jed Bartlet should get co-writing credit for his involvement, though as you can see, when it comes to his songwriting, he is a humble fellow and likes to hide his face when being photographed. We may start calling him “Sia” for short.


Then we began recording a rough demo at home…complete with intermittent dog-collar-jingling (AKA ambient percussion). 🙂IMG_4800

Here’s “Makes Me Wanna Sing (Alleluia Amen)” by Truesdell. Enjoy it, share it, and if it gets stuck in your head for longer than you’d like, I apologize in advance. Sorry. Kinda. Not really. 😉

A moutaintop with stars so bright

Cloudless sky, crystal summer light

A setting sun over waves of blue (oh)

All these things point me back to You

And it makes me

It makes me wanna sing

Sing alleluia, amen

Sing alleluia, amen

Sing alleluia, amen

Again and again

Again and again

From lost to found, death to life

Darkness breaks to healing light

Ashes turn to fields of green I’m

Overwhelmed by this grace I see

Bread and wine, our sins confessed

Gathered here, we find our rest

Stronger now on our way we go to

Carry out the hope we know

Copyright 2015 Sarah D Williams & Mike Loretto


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