day twenty-four

Bristow continues to amaze us. If I lost a limb, at three weeks out I’d likely still be sitting in a murky puddle of tears and self-pity, soaked in wine and why-me’s.

I love the resiliency of animals, big and small. Painful leg + amputation = happy dog.

She’s also bounced back from chemo side-effects in the last couple days, and her CBC panel was good yesterday, showing nothing remarkable or unexpected.

Currently, we are experimenting with new foods. Her internist at Sage who uses an integrated approach wanted to switch her to a more whole food diet, so we are trying freeze-dried and dehydrated options mixed with fresh-cooked proteins. This vegan dog-mama has even been shredding chicken with her hands this week, which shows you how much she loves her Bristow girl. (My husband understands this would never happen for him.;-) Sojo didn’t pass the standards of her refined, anti-fruit/veggie palate, so we are working with The Honest Kitchen now (Jury is still out.). Both of which necessitate me getting another job. $$$$$$$$$

Speaking of which, I worked my first event at Retzlaff Vineyards in Livermore this past Thursday. Small, family-owned, organic growers, beautifully balanced wines. I’ll add in the story of how I got this very, very part-time job later, but in general, it was like riding a bike: Pouring wine, discussing the merit of 100% merlot (It has a non-dominant flavor profile so it’s easily overpowered when blended with even a small amount of another varietal, meaning most people have never tasted what the merlot varietal actually tastes like….), connecting with folks over a shared passion, singing the praises of lovely cab blend…. I enjoyed our first time together, Retzlaff. Cheers to many more!

We are slated to sing in a wedding later today.* Always a humble honor to be invited to be a part of the accompaniment track for such a meaningful, life-altering event. A fresh, folky take of “How Great Thou Art” is on the program. Perhaps I’ll post audio later if I can get a decent demo of it.

Speaking of songs sung at weddings, we aren’t singing this song at today’s wedding, but this is a demo of one M and I wrote and performed at a wedding for our friends Shannon and CJ a year ago. It’s called “Try.” (PS Happy anniversary to the happy couple in a week!)


I’ll leave you with this article I read this morning about dogs and their people and oxytocin. It explains why Bristow and I are truly, madly, deeply connected…even, in love. And it made me feel validated for calling her my “baby.” Not that I needed it. 😉 I mean, just gaze into those eyes a while and see if you can resist her either!

Happy weekend to all. xo


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